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THE Scout Movement was founded in 1907 by Robert Baden-Powell, the 'Hero of Mafeking'. Its early success was meteoric and today, having celebrated our Centenary, the Scout Movement continues to grow. It has long been world's biggest youth movement with 30 million members, boys and girls, young men and women and adult leaders and administrators world-wide. Scouting Milestones attempts to chart the beginnings of the Movement from its early days, list its achievements - both individual and collective - and the personalities who devoted their lives to Scouting.

Our aim is to present original research to the widest readership possible. To this end are articles are cross-referenced, often utilising previously unpublished photographs and illustrations.

This Website is dedicated to the Scouts of the World and to all who have a interest in the founding, growth and the continuing evolution of Scouting.

Scout History is Inspirational. Let's use to inspire!
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We are an Independent Website

Scouting Milestones is independent of any Scout Association. We do not receive, or ask for, any kind funding and do NOT ask for financial support from our readers. Whilst designed solely for the purpose of bringing our Scout History freely to the Scouts of the World, using the medium of the World Wide Web, the author has published books and postcards which do have a cost and are now listed for sale on the site.

The views expressed in our articles are those of the writers. Views expressed on our VISITORS PAGE or on our FORUM are clearly those of our contributors and are NOT indicative either of the personal opinions of those connected with Scouting Milestones or the official view of any organisation that the contributor may claim to belong or represent.
Scouting Milestones welcomes contributions from all sources, whether as emails commenting on, or adding to existing Pages, or as comments the FORUM or Visitors Book Pages. Whilst we will attempt to use all such contributions, we reserve the right not to publish, and to edit/amend.

The Scout Law is the law of this Site!

If you have information that the Scouting World ought to know about we await your contribution.