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• This website exists as a resource for those interested in the Siege of Mafeking, October 1899 to May 1900.
• It is not in itself a body of knowledge about the Siege, but a directory of all available information.
• It includes probably the most exhaustive list of resources - publications, private letters and diaries - ever published.
(The spelling of 'Mafeking' on this Site is the way the name was spelt at the time of the Siege. Readers should note that, historically, there are several other spellings and that the modern town is now called Mafikeng.)
About the Author
My researches into the Siege came about because of a deep interest in 'The Hero of Mafeking' and my lifetime association with the Scout Movement, in the Scout Counties of the Soke of Peterborough, Derbyshire, North Yorkshire and Central Yorkshire. I resigned as Chairman of Central Yorkshire Scout County when I retired from my work as a Primary School Headteacher in Wakefield in 2000 and at that point commenced researches for the Scouting Milestones website. I remain an active member of the Wakefield Scout Fellowship.

In researching the history of the Siege for these pages, I discovered that there was no central listing that would enable an interested reader to readily find resources, so I resolved to provide one. To avoid confusion I have separated this from the main index and given it a totally different format, yet in the Milestones' tradition, allowed for navigation between the two areas where appropriate.
In listing those resources that do exist it became apparent that there were considerable gaps so I began to write magazine articles and then books myself which are of course are listed here. My main motivation in compiling the pages however is the hope that other enthusiasts, historians and relatives of the besieged will use the link below to generate mutually helpful correspondence. Please use his link!

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